Watching Sissy Boy Lingerie Shop

Was off shopping with a friend yesterday it was a simple mission really to get something sexy for her romantic weekend with her boyfriend. She should know better than to take me shopping for something that will get her boyfriend popping an erection in his pants. For when I am looking at lingerie the majority of the time I am looking at it from the perspective of what what sissy boy or panty boy will beg Me for them to be allowed to wear.

sissy boy phone sex

So while my friend was in there trying on the items we picked for she figured I was a bit of an expert when it comes to knowing what make men weak. I couldnt really argue with her on that train of thought.

Now I know your thinking why doesnt a beautiful BBW goddess pick out some lingerie and try something on?  Well for starters I do go into a store to just try things on. I venture into a store to buy things. The other thing is I never open my wallet to buy things.

That does leave you to wonder what does a divine woman do while her friend is in trying clothes on? Rather simple really. I find that perfect chair that is located just inside the change room. You know the one. The teaser chair that most men would love to be sitting in. That leather chair that has the perfect view of all the rooms where woman are trying clothes on and well its has the perfect view of the store as well.

So there I sat “people” watching so to speak. For I could careless about the women changing. It was about the men wandering around the store. The sissy boys attempting to disguise themselves as wanna be boyfriends looking for the perfect gift for their girlfriends. Yes that is what I was watching. The man who would sneak into the store and head straight for the clearance rack to look at the panties. His cheeks blushing as he grabbed a handful from the large section then rush to the check out in a blur in hopes of leaving without being noticed.

Amazing really what one sees really. For I have always wandered around when shopping but never to actually sit down and watch from this sort of perspective. Was enjoyable to say the least.

For any of those sissy boys or panty boys who were off doing a little personal shopping for themselves today. Perhaps its time for a little “me” time with a Phone Domina who will enjoy humiliating you in your new sexy clothes. You know how to get a hold of Me and when for your sissy boy phone sex call.

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Financial Domination with Hypno Phone Sex Domme Jade

As always My weekend was quite interesting. One of My walking wallets had received his pay day. Actually strike that it wasnt his payday but Mine. For we all know that you get nothing. You work extremely hard to hand it all over to Me and the minute that money hits your bank account you cant wait to hand it over to your hypno phone sex domme.

hypno phone sex domme

Now I knew walking wallet was due to call for part of him being accepted into My domain he had to submit his paydays. He had 24 hours in which to call his Hypno Domme and hand over that money in and evening of sweet financial domination. Really when I know I am draining that wallet nothing excites Me more. Well perhaps the words “Raise the Rate, Goddess!” That does have a sweet ring to it doesnt it?

So being Sunday the fun with the walking wallet has come to an end of course. My bank account much thicker and well his wallet drained. Mind you I really think that this walking wallet really needs to work on getting a second job so that he has  a payday every Friday and can entertain his Hypno Phone Sex Domme with some financial fun.

Till that happens I will be looking for other wallets to drain. Surely yours is ready to be financial dominated by a BBW Hypno Goddess? Well you will be as long as your wallet is plump enough for Me. Otherwise dont waste My time.

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Hypno Phone Sex Slaves

Hypno Phone Sex Admires.

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Giving thanks under your breath for finding such a wonderful Hypno Domme. Those of you who have found the balls to phone Me that is. For there seems to be quite a few of you who have been rather fearful of calling Me.

That was the excuse the last hypno phone sex slave used when he called Me. That he had been looking over my listings, glancing at My blog and even picking up the phone only to put it back down again. Why you might ask? Well that was My question to him as well.


Seems he had been looking around to become a hypno phone sex slave but was rather fearful of what I would do to him. He had read My blog and was afraid of losing complete control. Well if he paid enough attention he would know that men who fall under my hypnotic control always lose control to Me ~ financially and other wise.

red corset bbw goddess

Sure you can attempt to try and stop it but once my hypnotic trance is within your mind. Within your very thoughts you will just feel that need to follow my commands. To submit. Like a good hypno phone sex slave.
How did the last hypno slave submit?
Well he will be submitting weekly actually for his mind now has the hypnotic trigger embedded in it to call his Hypno Phone Sex Domme weekly, to strengthen the already existing triggers. Along with those weekly phone sex calls he must also open his wallet for tributes. They can be via the tribute buttons on My niteflirt page or via gift cards through the places I choose.

Must say its only been one day since My hypnotic voice took over his thoughts and he has already called again. Funny how one go from being so scared to being excited to call and give. Give to the Hypno Domme.

Your off to a good start impressing your Hypno Phone Sex Mistress.

Goddess Jade

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Severe Wallet Rape

Hypnosis Admires

Welcome to the New Year!

One pathetic pay piggie has started his new year right where he need to flipping his wallet upside down for his BBW Hypnosis Goddess. Being a good pay piggie he knew to show up with a thick wallet of large denominations of bills. For nothing makes this Wallet Raping Goddess happier than seeing 100′s flashing back at me. Letting my long nails flip over those crisp bills as I see just how many you have brought me.

sensual bbw in blue corset on couch

Sure you think I am teasing you with how many I will take but this is going to be a severe wallet rape which means I will be taking it all!

The only thing you will be walking home with is the change for I don’t need those nickles and dimes. I want the crisp bills to wrap around these fingers.

My personal phone sex ATM was draining not just his wallet for me but his bank account. That pay cheque was all mine in the way of gift cards to my favorite stores. This BBW phone sex Goddess shall be indulging in some wonderful shopping sprees at Nordstoms and Sephora to the tune of $1000. Can still hear the oinks.

Now I know there are a few of you out there that are admiring from the shadows. You can still make this Goddess happy with gift cards to just say how much you admire me from afar. is my email address so that you can send your admiring gift cards.

Course there is nothing like a wallet fucking phone sex call with yours truly as I manipulate your mind and your wallet.

Goddess Jade

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Hypno Goddess Financially Dominates You

Hypnosis Admires

teasing bbw hypno goddess
Well the new year is fast approaching with in days that clock will be striking 12 and I know quite a few of you worthless phone sex fucks will be left wondering what to do for New Years Resolutions.
Those that are serving Me already are working on their resolutions for I like them to put a great deal of thought. None of this 10 minutes before the ball drop bullshit. I want them to agonize over their resolutions for days. Check in with me often to see if they are on the right track.
As the month of January progress I will be posting their resolutions. Lest the ones I feel are worthy enough to be mentioned. Perhaps this is a good time for you to find your self serving a BBW Phone Sex Domme like Myself. One with say Hypnotic abilities that will have you mesmerized beyond control!
I shall say the end of the year does have my bills open again for ownership for those pay pigs looking to feel useful. Once claimed you have the option of 3,6, or 12 month contracts on My bills. I do say if you can not afford the bill do not lay claim to if for I will not tolerate non payment. There are enough to go around at varied amounts to keep those looking for light financial domination happy and even those into more severe financial domination sweating as they click away.

Bill Paying Piggies.
Cell Phone 150/month
Phone 75/month
Car 400/month
Car Insurance 100/month
Utilities 150/month
Internet 50/month
Cable 100/month
Mortgage 700/month

Shopping Piggies
Gift Cards to the following places (minimum $25)
Bath and Body

For those thinking they are just being viewed as a personal phone sex ATM well then you are on the wrong fucking site. Aren’t you? The pay piggies who spoil me why they are doing it. Are are lucky to have such a beautiful Hypno Goddess to financially dominate their asses.

~ Goddess Jade~

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Cock Craving Sissy

Hypnosis Admires Hello
Considering I have a cock craving sissy on the phone in need of some mouth fucking what type of phone domina would I be if I didnt offer that fag mouth up to the masses so here is the little sissy fag’s address.
1247 n sycamore #14
los angeles ca 90038
Just have to look for the one dressed sexy with their mouth open begging for cum. Make sure to pay them well for their cock sucking services for that money will end up in my wallet!
Goddess Jade

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Hypnotic Mind Fuck

Hypno Admirers Welcome!

You just never know who will be on the other end of the phone when you answer. Should it be someone new looking for an hypnotic mind fuck or someone who has surrendered their mind once before. Sometimes all you need is a hello and the last few calls come rushing back. While other times hearing their name with a brief reminder of the things you did to them while they were under are needed. Course there are times where I just enjoy having them tell me the things I do to them just to hear how pathetic they are. Micheal. I have had him go under for me a few times. Tonight though was the most interesting reaching a new level of pathetic. For there was a little game that was played where if he answered a certain way it would cost him. Though being the Hypnotic Goddess that I am I rather fuck with his mind for that financial domination game lead to such a sweet mind fuckery. I had him answer a different way!

wallet domination

Such a sweet sound it was for me. Can’t wait for the next hypnotic mind fuck.

Mind Fuck Goddess ~ Jade

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Hypnosis Phone Sex Addiction


Welcome to your newest phone sex addiction on niteflirt. My name is Jade but for most you will just being calling me Goddess or Princess. I like the sound of both.

As the site suggests I will hold the key to your hypnotic addiction and if you are going how addictive is hypnosis then you obviously havent been under my mesmerizing hypnotic trance. For all it takes is really one time to find out how amazing my voice is and how quick you fall under.

I am rather new to nite flirt but I am actually not new to hypnosis nor phone sex. Been doing both for over 6 years but after a short break from both I am coming back to my one true love which is manipulating men’s minds with hypnosis.

I shall talk with you very soon.

Goddess Jade

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